Three Essays
— Introduction —

In my essay "Being Freed from That Which Divides Us" I challenged Catholics to acquire an adult understanding of their faith and then to share it with others. I even suggested several books that could be used to assist one. Unfortunately, sometimes just reading a book, no matter how good it is, isn't enough. For that matter simply understanding our faith, even at the adult level, does not substitute for accepting our faith and then living it. We really need all three to live truly authentic Christian lives. We need to understand our faith in order to really know it. We need to know our faith before we can really accept it. And we have to accept it before we can truly live like Christ in the world.

What follows are three essays that might be of help in making sense of what you have just read. To plagiarize from C.S. Lewis, "As this is not a book of erudition" I do not intend to present substantiation for all that I write. What I present is my opinion for the most part and all are free to disagree with it. (I reserve the right to respond if my ego gets the upper hand.)

The three essays are: On Faith; On Prayer; and On Catholic Evangelization. I do welcome all comments and criticisms.

philneri, 5/7/2000

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